A note from me.....


Hi neighbors!


My name is Alex Dunn. I am a local, licensed and independent Broker Insurance Agent. This is a "fancy" way to say that I am licensed and contracted with multiple insurance companies, not just one!


The best way to reach me is by calling or texting me at 865-214-7009.


Products and Services....


  • Medicare supplements plans

  • Medicare Advantage plans

  • ​Life Insurance and LTC convertible plans

  • ​Final Expense / Burial insurance

  • ​Stand alone Prescription Drug Plans

  • Disability Insurance

  • ​Hospital Indemnity plans

  • Long Term Care insurance

  • Group Benefits for employers

How I can help....  


By specializing only in Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, Long Term Care, Life insurance and Final Expense insurance, I am able to assist, educate and be an unbiased advocate for anyone who is:


  • On Medicare or eligible to be soon or...

  • Currently on Disability or...

  • Currently receiving TennCare (i.e. Medicaid) or eligible to be soon or...

  • All the above!


I can help you or your family both understand & enroll in the plan or policy that is right for YOU and your respective family members.


With the health insurance industry constantly changing, I can help "clear up" the muddy waters and answer questions concerning your current or future insurance coverage. 


Most importantly, I truly enjoy helping people! Whether it is helping someone understand and purchase a Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage plan, Long Term Care insurance, Life insurance, Final Expense policy and/or Fixed Annuities, I would be honored to be YOUR "insurance guy"!

Alex Dunn

Local.  Licensed.  Listening.


Call or Text:  865-214-7009

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Alex Dunn is an Independent Insurance Broker and General Agent. He specialized in assisting, educating and acting as an unbiased advocate for his clients and their family members. He enjoys helping people to understand and purchase Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, Long Term Care insurance, Life insurance, Final Expense Insurance and Fixed Annuities.