A note from me.....


Hi neighbors!


My name is Alex Dunn. I am a local, licensed and independent Broker Insurance Agent. This is a "fancy" way to say that I am licensed and contracted with multiple insurance companies, not just one!


The best way to reach me is by calling or texting me at 865-214-7009.


Products and Services....


  • Medicare supplements plans

  • Medicare Advantage plans

  • ​Life Insurance and LTC convertible plans

  • ​Final Expense / Burial insurance

  • ​Stand alone Prescription Drug Plans

  • Disability Insurance

  • ​Hospital Indemnity plans

  • Long Term Care insurance

  • Group Benefits for employers

How I can help....  


By specializing only in Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, Long Term Care, Life insurance and Final Expense insurance, I am able to assist, educate and be an unbiased advocate for anyone who is:


  • On Medicare or eligible to be soon or...

  • Currently on Disability or...

  • Currently receiving TennCare (i.e. Medicaid) or eligible to be soon or...

  • All the above!


I can help you or your family both understand & enroll in the plan or policy that is right for YOU and your respective family members.


With the health insurance industry constantly changing, I can help "clear up" the muddy waters and answer questions concerning your current or future insurance coverage. 


Most importantly, I truly enjoy helping people! Whether it is helping someone understand and purchase a Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage plan, Long Term Care insurance, Life insurance, Final Expense policy and/or Fixed Annuities, I would be honored to be YOUR "insurance guy"!